Tourist attractions in Antalya

Tourist attraction in Antalya
Antalya is a beautiful holiday destination surrounded by forests and mountains. Antalya has been transformed into an international holiday resort center with the name of the capital of Turkish Tourism.

Every tourist visiting here will stay stunned by the ideal climate and the charming landscapes. Perge is the nearby ancient site and while visiting Antalya you will have the chance to visit Perge. The Archeological Museum consisting of the supreme important collections of the country is also tourist attraction in Antalya. This holiday destination offers both cultural and touristic flair with resorts and historical sites around the city.

The most popular rustic ancient town called Kaleici is also tourist hub where old Turkish and Greek houses are under protection. Many of the old houses which are divided by cobble stone roads are now featured as hotels and tourist shops. All the architecture and culture of Hellenistic, Roman, Ottoman, Selijuk and Lycian civilizations can be still seen in museums. The city is built upon the large masses of rock of Lara coasts.

Antalya is Well-known as the city of fantastic beaches, is also a tourist attraction in turkey because of its famous resort towns, Nature where you can enjoy sunshine throughout the year. Scuba diving, Safari natural trails, Cable cars, Aquarium museum and waterfalls are some of best things to experience in Antalya. Kids are always pleased to visit the Aqua parks.

Night life in Antalya:

Nightlife of Antalya is bustling, with mostly lively resort on the south coast, with wide variety of clubs and bars.

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